Jessica’s Journey

Thank you for visting Jazzy with Jezzi – Make it Count! I’ve been on wellness journey and I am super proud of the work and outcomes. Not only do I feel stronger, I love what I see in the mirror. What are you doing to get to your best self? How are you attracting the right people or talent to move you forward? Are you tracking the adjustments and keeping score? The goal is to keep moving, keep growing. Please read through the amazing stories of personal growth. BIG thank you to the bloggers that shared their experiences!

#MaintainingMySexy began in 2013 when I was on the road to wellness – physically and mentally. This mantra lived on social media. It was self-talk and self-motivation.  Posts consisted of holding a plank, focusing on things that I can control, self- care, family time, eating clean, joining exercise groups, networking etc. I would close every post with #MaintainingMySexy.  People loved to share with me the various ways on how maintaining sexy works for them.  Two years into using this catchy phrase, we decided to trademark it. During the development stages, we facilitated youth camps, instructed fitness classes, hosted networking events and art shows.

Raised in an athletic family, it was competitive, full of laughs, love and stability.  I felt safe and knew that I can depend on my parents. Even with that, there was little time to show vulnerability.  With life being my teacher, I understand that my foundation is strong and that I was prepared for the outside world. My parents grew up during the 1960 Civil Rights Era and survived the tail end of the Jim Crow Era. Intimate communication is something that I’m working on and I’m liking what I see.  I am a product of a super competitive environment, and my energy tends to thrive in that space. My dad says, “With every new generation, life should be better. Expose your children and their children to more.” Whether it’s having Sister Girl time to home improvement, the goal is to grow and create spaces that protect you mentally and physically.

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