Maintaining My Diet

Eating clean is a spiritual journey.
Make a conscious effort to embrace eating to live.


Work. Play. Connect.

Some of us are spending more time at home than usual. Sundays have become virtual cooking classes with Dilu Nicholas. We meet weekly at various ethnic grocery stores throughout the region. Facetime, music, conversations, seasoning and wine fill our Sunday evenings. Life experiences provide a platform from which I connect our African and, for him, his Asian roots to our passion for Western conceptual thinking. We express our passion for nature, social justice, and a purpose-driven life. Dilu hopes to evoke people to think about the world we live in today and the world tomorrow. And I hope to encourage self-love, wellness and mental stability. We must regain our love for our home and ourselves. By depicting the fragility of our home and community, our work strives to create a sense of identity that speaks to our impermanence and goes beyond our cultural concerns. As we search to reconnect to our history, we discovered that food and nature hold connective threads that link me to my past. Through food, ingredients born by the earth, and our cultural diversity, we have found new hope, a new conversation to engage in – virtual cooking sessions. The essence of food is a common thread to engage in conversations about culture, diversity, sustainability, and community. Artists like John T. Biggers (racial and economic injustice), Bethany Krull (ceramics) and Ansel Adams (Photography/Graphic Design) have been influential in our growth aesthetically. Their depiction of the natural world brings awareness to the beauty that is all around us. The power of food and community and how sharing can break down barriers.

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Eating clean is a spiritual journey. I have made a conscious effort to embrace eating to live - benefits range from improving cognitive functions, digestive systems, increasing